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Welcome to the
University of Leicester 
Christian Union

About Leicester University Christian Union


We are a society giving students at the University of Leicester the chance to ask big questions about life & faith. Our mission is to give every student at UoL the chance to hear, see and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are committed to living out the mission of Jesus in every area of student life, doing life together as a diverse community from all denominations and backgrounds. We are a society that lovingly wants to point students to Jesus in word and deed; to pray and worship together in our context; support and equip Christian students for local missionary work, while pointing them to local church communities. Collectively we will build an inviting and loving community where students can freely ask life's big questions and explore who Jesus is and all the wonders He has done for them.




- Build a welcoming community where all can belong and feel the love of Jesus through their fellow students, regardless of their background.

- Organise and run events that explore life and faith from a Christian perspective - sharing the good news of Jesus.

- Encourage and support Christian students at the University of Leicester in their faith - equipping them to evangelise and share the love of Jesus on campus.

Isaiah 40:28

Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom.

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Opportunities we Provide

Whether you are new to the University of Leicester or in your final year, we invite you to check out the different opportunities we provide as a Christian Union [CU].

Additional opportunities will be presented throughout the year so keep an eye out and be sure to join our weekly meetings to be the first to hear about them!

Are you a student who wants to get involved with the CU?

It is never too late to get connected and build in fellowship with the many other students part of our society. There are many ways to get involved and we would love you to join in on the fun as we collectively make lasting memories while at university; memories that will equip us, encourage us and connect us, ultimately helping us live life fully. 

- Check our social media platforms for details on regular meetings, events and one-off opportunities held throughout the year!  

- We will be at the freshers fair 2022 so please come say hello, we would love to meet you... and hand out some awesome goodies :) 

- Join us for regular socials and meetings. You can check out our weekly schedule to see what we get up to every week!

- You can use our SU page to sign up from the 1st September 2022.

- Get in touch with us today by email or on our social media platforms if you have any questions!

Firstly, if it's your first time in Leicester, we would love to officially welcome you here. If you have been before then welcome back :)

We host a completely free evening dinner event called 'international tea' which is held in chaplaincy and open for anyone to attend.

Please feel free to either email us or message us on our social media platforms if you would like to know the details for this event.

We recognise being an international student is not always easy, so if there is anything we can possibly help with please contact us and if we cannot help directly, we can find someone who can!

This year our International Events Co-Ordinator is Josh, check our committee 22/23 tab to find out some more information about him.

Do you want to UNCOVER the Bible for yourself?

UNCOVER Mark is a great resource provided by Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF) in which you can study the book of Mark by yourself or with a friend. 

The book contains the complete gospel of Mark with some self-study questions, helping you to engage and understand the narrative of Mark's Gospel. 

There are also many other resources, including physical and online material, which we can recommend to help you understand scripture better. Understanding the word of God through scripture does not only answer many of our questions regarding faith, but it is also fundamental when trying to explore the character of God. 

If you would like to get your hands on a copy, or you are interested in other resources we recommend, then please get in contact with us today by email or on our social media.


Are you an international student at the University of Leicester?

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20/21 Winner of SU Society and Activities Award


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