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Spreading the love of God to those on campus is a privilege, we aim to continue doing so and more effectively...

We’d love any support that you are happy to offer, we wouldn’t be the same without God’s guiding hand, hardworking people or finances.


So, if you feel you are able, your prayers, willingness to volunteer or financial support would be greatly valued and used for God’s purpose on campus as far as we can!


  • Continued positive contact between CU and its members over the summer.

  • Wisdom for committee to adapt to a new and changing university environment with a focus on spreading the good news about Jesus to  arriving freshers and those returning.

  • Individual members who are experiencing a number of challenges currently.

  • Global issues such as COVID-19 and the BLM movement.

  • That God would be preparing the hearts of those coming to or returning to Leicester whilst at home 



Some of the ways people have helped before are to speak at our meetings or events, serving as part of a larger team for our events or a week long dedication during our week of events from flyering to making sandwiches!

There are many ways anyone can get involved so if you feel you can volunteer at all it would be great to hear from you! Just check out our socials or give me an email!


If you feel you would be able to make a financial donation, our information is attached below!

Account number: 00940690,

sort code: 56-00-55,

reference: Christian Union – (very important, money won’t get to us otherwise!)

Please feel free to email Ethan at if theres any particular event you would like your donation to be used for, to find out how your money has been used exactly or if you'd like more details on how exactly we use our donations in our mission to spread the gospel!

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