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Committee 2022-23

Get to Know Us! 

Below you will find our committee for 2022 - 23 with details about them and their roles. We can't wait to meet you in September 2022 (God willing!) If you have any more questions about the committee, feel free to get in touch by email or via our social media:


If you are a fresher or new student at the University and LUCU, then please do email or message us on any of our social media platforms if you would like to join our Freshers Whatsapp group chat! 

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Elliot SY.jpeg

Elliot Sy

CU Secretary

Subject: 2nd year Mechanical Engineering

Home town: Right here, Leicester

Favourite Bible Character/ Story: Solomon

I am Elliot Sy (aka SUIIIII), your CU Secretary. I'm entering my second year of studying but I basically live on climbing walls, although, sometimes found at the gym, but never found working or studying. I am part of ‘One Church’. I enjoy playing the saxophone and drawing, though not very good at it. I am also the last driver standing (or you may say, driving) in the CU… that’s until Tay gets back :)

Tay-Ann Church.png

CU Treasurer

Callum Scrivener

Subject: 3rd year Physics

Home town: Guildford

Favourite Bible Character/ Story: Job

Hi, I'm Callum, the treasurer for this year and I’m going into my 3rd year of Physics. I come from Guildford, Surrey. 
My favourite character of the Bible is Job because of the way he models doubt and faith in the darkest valleys - Job 42:1-5. 

Hey I’m JT. I will be the ‘International Outreach Coordinator’ for the year. I going into my second year as a medic student who comes from Devon! My favourite Bible character just has to be Joshua… the goat! :)

James Loader.jpeg

Impact Group Coordinator

James Loader

Subject: 2nd year Medicine

Home town: Gloucester

Favourite Bible Character/ Story: Joshua

Hey! I'm James, the Impact Groups Coordinator for the 2022-23 committee.

I'm reading Joshua at the moment so my favourite story would be when Jesus appears to Joshua as as the commander of the Lords Army. I just think it's cool that Jesus appeared in the Old Testament. 

Joshua Perkins.jpeg


Josh  Perkins

 Subject: 2nd year Physics with Space Science

Home town: Outside Derby

Favourite Bible Character/ Story: Moses and Joshua

Hi I’m Joshua (or JP) and with the help of Ethan I’ll be leading the CU committee this next year.

 I love cooking (you’re welcome at mine for food anytime!), archery and climbing - or just anything adventurous! 
I’d say my favourite characters of the Bible are Moses and Joshua, specifically in leading Israel through the wilderness into the land God promised them. There are so many incredible stories foreshadowing Jesus and it’s always so encouraging to see how God revealed himself to, and worked through, Moses and then Joshua. It reminds me that God is always faithful even through difficulty and always fulfils what he has promised. I can’t wait to see what Jesus will do this year!

Ethan Tait.jpeg

Vice President

Ethan Tait

Subject: 4th year Chemistry and Forensics

Home town: Bristol

Favourite Bible Character/ Story: Parable of the hidden Treasure

Hi I’m Ethan! I am the current Vice President if you want to know my hobbies, I think tennis is a standard one but it’s been so long… Maybe messing with German people about English culture, i.e. that I eat fish and chips for breakfast or something.
My favourite story in the bible is the Parable of the hidden treasure (Matthew 13:44). It’s so clear and makes sense that giving everything to God is worth it because the reward is far greater. 

Becca Brooks_edited.jpg

Prayer Secretary

Rebecca Brooks

Subject: 2nd year Medicine

Home town: Gloucestershire

Favourite Bible Verse: Jeremiah 29 v11-12

Hey everyone, my name is Rebecca and I am the prayer secretary for CU 2022-2023. I am originally from Gloucestershire and grew up in a rural area but have loved getting to explore the city of Leicester this year. Alongside CU I am also part of the swim team, and UoL Big band and Concert band which has made my first year really special. I’d describe myself in 3 words as organised, positive and loyal. 
My favourite bible verse is Jeremiah 29 v11-12 “For I know the plans I have for you” declared the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.”

Profile pic.jpg

Publicity  Coordinator

Tay-Ann Church

Subject: 4th year Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience 

Home town: London

Favourite Bible Character/ Story: Samuel

Heyyy! I’m Tay :)) I will be your ‘Publicity Coordinator’ for this year. I grew up in London, been living in South Africa and now I’m back in Leicester – yay! 
No matter the topic, I struggle to pick favourites. That being said, a Bible character/ story that really stands out to me is found in 1 Samuel. 1 Samuel 1 – 16 is filled with God's mercy and grace upon his people as Samuel responded to God in an honouring way. However, it is also such a powerful reminder that I always want my heart posture to be humble and obedient because I can’t manipulate God's mercy or blessing. If pride, selfish desires and religious practices, without a love for the Lord, can cause nations to fall, it can cause to me to fall too if I am not humbly coming before the Lord, ready to listen and respond to all he wants to say. 

Joshua Thomas.jpeg

International Outreach Coordinator

Josh Thomas

Subject: 2nd year Medicine

Home town: Devon

Favourite Bible Character/ Story: Joshua

Hey I’m JT. I will be the ‘International Outreach Coordinator’ for the year. I going into my second year as a medic student who comes from Devon! My favourite Bible character just has to be Joshua… the goat! :)

Nadia Henning.jpeg

Events & Evangelism 


Nadia Henning

Subject: 2nd year Applied Psychology

Home town: Crawley

Favourite Bible Character/ Story: The Woman who washed Jesus' feet with perfume

Hey! I'm Nadia, your Events and Evangelism Coordinator.  
My favourite moment (or one of them...) in the Bible is in Luke 7, when a woman falls at Jesus' feet and breaks a jar of expensive perfume over them (which would've been scandalous), crying and wiping it away with her hair. Jesus responds with complete love and honours her. It's such a moving picture of brave, intimate vulnerability in brokenness, and reminds me of the power of laying everything at his feet, even when it's messy or raw. What matters most to him is our hearts.
I'm so excited for what God is going to do this year, we hope to see you soon as we strive to spread God's incredible love across our university!

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