Committee  2020-21

Get to Know Us! (We are currently in the process of transition...)

Below you will find our committee for 2020-2021 with details about them and their roles. We can't wait to meet you in September 2020 (God willing!) If you have any more questions about the committee, feel free to get in touch by email or via our social media: 

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Elisei Ulrich-Oltean

church: Mosaic

subject: 2nd Year Computer Science 

home town: Leeds

favourite film: Desperado

favourite verse: Psalms 23:4

favourite emoji: 🍝

"Hi, I’m Elisei. Being President means I’m here to lead the committee so we can best serve as people who equip the CU to go out and share the gospel on campus and in their own lives.

I’m responsible for organising some things such as our CU Events Week, but mostly for making sure that everyone else knows what they’re running so we can do as much as possible to spread the love of Jesus."


Vice President

Laura Smith

church: Oadby Baptist Church

subject: 2nd Year Physics 

home town: Birmingham

favourite film: Little Women (1994)

favourite verse: Matthew 11:28-30

favourite emoji: 🌈

"Heyy, I'm Laura. As VP, my role in this year is to work with Elisei in leading committee so that they can best build up the CU as disciples and evangelists for Jesus; this will involve managing our team, and making sure that every committee member is doing alright!

I will also oversee a few events throughout the year, namely the CU weekend away in October, Escape 2020!! I am so excited to see how God is going to work through the CU this year and canny wait to meet you all!! (P.S. cats are the best.)"



Joe Hampton

church: Knighton Free Church

subject: 2nd Year Physics

home town: Nottingham 

favourite film: Kung Fu Panda 2

favourite verse: Ephesians 5:1-2

favourite emoji: 👌

"Hey, I'm Joe, and my role as the secretary is to be the main communicator between the CU and the Student Union. This will likely involve me making sure that we have a place to meet for our main meeting on Thursday and letting the Student Union know about the different events that we have going on."



Ethan Tait

church: Knighton Free Church

subject: 2nd Year Chemistry

home town: Bristol

favourite film: Inception

favourite verse: John 1:46

favourite emoji: 🙃

"Hi, I’m Ethan. As treasurer for the exciting year ahead I’ll help raise, maintain and direct our funds to reach as many people on campus with the good news of the gospel.

On a weekly basis I’ll keep track of our spending, keep the committee updated on how we’re doing financially, generally be the boring money-man and enjoy making decisions as part of a brilliant team!"


Small Group Co-ordinator

Jem Skilling

church: Oadby Baptist Church

subject: 1st Year Medicine with Foundation

home town: Essex

favourite film: Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

favourite verse: Psalm 73:26

favourite emoji: 🐘

"Hey, I’m Jemimah (or Jem!). My role is to guide and encourage our Impact group leaders. Impact groups offer outward looking communities of love and acceptance in halls.

We resource believers to journey together and share the gospel to those without God and without hope. We meet every week to engage in Bible study and prayer together, as well as using creative witness to reach as many students as we can. I am so looking forward to an incredible year of fellowship and growth, we cannot wait to meet you all!"


Prayer and Worship


Isaac O'Brien

church: Chroma Church

subject: 3rd Year Film Studies

home town: Stafford

favourite film: Hot Fuzz (after long deliberation) 

favourite verse: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

favourite emoji: 😜

“Hey, I'm Isaac and this will be my second year on committeee!

This year, in my role, I will be leading prayer breakfast on Wednesday mornings, overseeing the (amazing) worship we have at our Thursday meetings - CU Equip -, and motivating a powerful prayer culture in our CU community.”


International and Regular Events Co-ordinator

Joshua Ogi

church: Knighton Free Church

subject: 3rd Year Media and Communications

home town: Thun, Switzerland

favourite film: Mighty Joe Young

favourite verse: Joshua 1:9

favourite emoji: 😎

“Hi, I’m Josh. I’m excited for my second year on committee! This year, I will be managing events during the week such as International Tea and Hydrate, as well as leading the mission to bring the gospel to students all over campus, from all over the world.”


Publicity  Co-ordinator

Natalie Cox

church: Oadby Baptist Church

subject: 2nd Year Criminology

home town: Kent

favourite film: Bad Times at the El Royale

favourite verse: Proverbs 31:25

favourite emoji: 🌻

"Helloo, I am Natalie, (or Nat!) My role is publicity; which means I am responsible, creatively, for our social media accounts, website, flyers and merchandise. I also try my best in keeping our social media accounts active and useful, answering your emails and direct messages, making sure our website is an up-to-date and helpful resource, and working as part of a team to best publicise all events; in order to give every student a chance to hear the gospel."


Events Co-ordinator & Evangelism

Bethany Casey

church: Knighton Free Church

subject: 2nd Year History with American Studies 

home town: Liverpool

favourite film: The Tourist 

favourite verse: Psalms 51:12

favourite emoji: 🏜

"Hey, I'm Bethany. As Evangelism Co-ordinator my job is heading up the team that organises our mission week of events in February and events throughout Freshers’ week. I am going to be helping to motivate and equip the CU for evangelism - spreading the good news!"