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Alumni Network

Churches we recommend in Leicester

You may have left University and possibly even Leicester but as alumni do not worry as no distance can stop you from being involved in the CU! You can still support us in many ways both practically and financially.

One way is to be, what we call, a CUG (Christian Union Guest) which means helping out at our events on campus, whether that be at lunch bars or throughout events week.

Support financially would also be appreciated considering we looking to make this year’s EVENTS WEEK bigger and better than last years! This can be done easily by direct debit, just send us an email and we can send you the details.

Finally, one of the most valuable ways you can support us is through prayer; especially for Freshers, events week and for more evangelistic opportunities on campus.

You can sign up to join the Alumni Network by filling out his online form

This will mean you receive email updates 4-5 times a year with CU news, prayer points, details about future reunions and support opportunities.


We also have an  alumni Facebook group which you can join via this link

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